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The Kids of Common Sense Farm

by Tara

One of my favorite parts of our Common Sense Farm tour was getting to see all the BABY GOATS! We had warm bottles of their mama's milk to give them, which whipped them into a frenzy of excitement. It was the most adorable pandemonium I've ever seen as we bottle-fed the sea of soft, nibbling mouths that attempted to munch and nurse on everything!

Tara Bottle-Feeding Baby Goat Baby Goats!

The cuteness level in the pen of new kids was ridiculous, off-the-charts high.

Jenna & Baby Goat Jenna & Baby Goat


Baby Goat on a Hay Bale

What's better than a baby goat on a haybale? FOUR BABY GOATS ON A HAYBALE!

Baby Goats on a Haybale

The human kids we met at Common Sense Farm were just as cute as the caprine ones. They were all friendly and inquisitive, rugged and healthy and happy. They were the type of children, who, if dropped off in the middle of nowhere without their parents, would probably create a Swiss Family Robinson style shelter, and hunt for food using bows and arrows crafted of sticks and stones.

The combination of Common Sense kids was almost to cute to take!

Emeth and her Goat Emeth and her Goat

Thank you for the tour, Yehsheva and family!

Yehshiva Laughing