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January 2013, in Photos

by Going Slowly
Tara Applying Danish Oil to Tie Beam Amanda Learning to Knit Pulling the Camper Mechanic Working on Hitch Tara Gluing Fabric on Shade while Jodi Sews Cushion Covers Hideously Ugly Cushions and Valances Our Work Truck: 1998 Chevy C/K 2500 / 5spd / Extended Cab / Long Box Seat Cushion Cover Ties Tara and Jodi Hanging Curtains in Our Camper Jodi & Tyler Laughing in our Camper Tyler Jacking up the Camper Snap Out Of It! Deanne Carrying Reeds Us in a Reed Field Tim (Department of Agriculture) Inspecting our Land Us with Chainsaws on our Drive Tyler and Logs on our Snowy Land Tara Sharpening her Chainsaw Tara Chopping Apples for Apple Crumble in our Camper Triumphant Tyler Banana Bread for the Mail Carrier Tyler Changing the Oil in Our Generator Jeremy, Hercilia & Tara Chemukh & Tara Tara Cleaning Simple Pump Drop Pipes Joining Two Simple Pump Sucker Rods Hercilia & Jeremy in the Diner Our Simple Pump's First Water