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Dinner in the Camper

by Tara

While Tyler, Jeremy and Hercilia wrap up the last of our Simple Pump installation, I'm inside our camper, cooking supper for everyone. With two frozen pizzas, and some frozen chocolate chip cookie dough I made earlier, there will be plenty for everyone. To round out the meal, I whip up a quick kale salad, top it with chunks of apples and cheese, and toss in some pumpkin seeds and dried cranberries.

Once everything is ready to go, I get busy tidying up, putting music on the stereo, and setting out our fake, battery-operated tea lights. By the time everyone tromps inside, it's actually quite festive and inviting in our little camper! Though it's snug, our friends don't mind the small space. Even Roscoe makes himself right at home, spending most of the evening snoozing like an old man in his dog bed next to the furnace.

Dinner in the Diner Roscoe in the Diner Tara and Tyler Saying Hi to Roscoe

Over the course of the next few hours, we talk and laugh and share stories with Jeremy and Hercilia, enjoying the fact that we can actually entertain guests in our camper! It really feels good to have friends so close by—we weren't expecting that to be a part of our homesteading adventure so suddenly! We've been here less than two weeks and it already feels like we're creating a small community, or as Jeremy called it earlier, "The Maple Hill HOOD!"

Hercilia & Jeremy in the Diner

Thank you for your help and your company, Jeremy and Hercilia!