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New Project for a New Year

by Going Slowly

After most of my college pals dispersed from our New Years gathering, we headed with Jess and Nick to Natasha's family cabin. There, we whiled away a quiet afternoon driking our friend Tremain's wine and learning how to play a board game called Settlers of Catan

Wine Bottles in the Sun

Eventually, Pete and Natasha joined us, and we spent a fun evening scheming about our dreams and plans for the future. We're all on paths towards self-sufficient homesteading, so there was plenty to talk about, including a possible trip to Tennessee this summer for some practice building a strawbale shed.

Before long, the conversation turned to photography, and thanks to a brilliant idea by Natasha, a new undertaking was born:

Six friends. Two states. One picture each. Every day. We’re doing it to practice discipline; we’re doing it to become better photographers; we're doing it to document our lives, and most of all, we’re doing it to keep in touch with our friends. This is year one, and there will be 2,190 photographs when it's over.

Tara Showing Picture to Little Lao Girls (By Natasha) Tyler & His Belfoca at Ta Prohm Temple Natasha Taking Pictures Nick Taking Photos Jess Pete

Happy New Year!