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Hiking With Friends, A Photo Series

by Going Slowly

This weekend, we drove down to Tennessee for what we've decided will be our first annual-autumn-weekend-hangout with our friends Pete, Natasha, Jess and Nick. Shortly after our arrival, we hit the road from Knoxville for a two-hour drive to Big South Fork National Recreational area. A photo series of our overnight hike in the reserve begins below:

After some orienteering, we took to the woods:

Pete & Map of Big South Fork National River Recreation Area Sawmill Trailhead Sign Natasha & Jess Hiking Trail Marker Tara Hiking Tyler Hiking Tara's Feet

…admiring the scenery along the way.

Nick Taking Photos Forest Fruit (Macro) Moss (Macro) Tyler with BUG! Big South Fork National River Recreation Area Trees & Rock Formations

Some hours later, we arrived at camp, with three filthy, dog-tired puppies:

Sleepy Malta Sleepy Malta Lila Fitz Fitz & Malta Eating Sleepy Fitz Lilia Helping Wash Dishes

We collected some firewood:

Jess & Tyler Attempt to Split Green Wood Tyler's Wood-Splitting Technique Tyler's Wood-Splitting Technique Happy Tyler with Split Wood Natasha Gathering Wood Nick Feeding the Fire

…and made ourselves at home:

Campsite Natasha Lounging on the Hammock Pete Pouring Water Smiling Nick Cooking Breakfast Pete in the Morning Natasha & Jess in the Morning

When night fell, we stared into the fire, drinking wine, and talking about life, the universe, and everything in between.

Nick, Lila, and Jess by the Fire Pete by the Fire Pete Behind the Fire

The following morning, we returned to civilization:

Happy Campers Piled in the Car (Tyler, Tara, Fitz, Natasha, Lila, Jess, Malta, Nick, Pete)

The End!

Thank you Jess, Nick, Natasha, and Pete! Most of our happiest memories involve being in the great outdoors with friends and fires and woodsmoke under the stars. This weekend was a prime example! It was wonderful to see you all—we can't wait for next year. Love you guys. Move to Vermont. YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO.



I see that you really had a great time outside. I even envy you a little. see, I'm from eastern europe and those signs on the trees in the forest completely shocked me))) I mean, I can easily get lost in the street of some town, needless to say that signs for orientation in the forest look completely futuristic for me) Moreover, our forests are not safe, cause even nowadays people come across some old remains of World WarII shells now and then( You are lucky to have such nice parks!
Posted by AnnaS. on February 27th, 2012 at 10:10 AM
Hi, Anna! We are indeed lucky to have such nice parks-- thank you for reminding us of this fact. I have to admit though, we loved eastern Europe, and we miss it! We found some of our very favorite free-camps in Serbia and Romania. :-)
Posted by Tara on March 4th, 2012 at 10:38 AM