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Farm Hopping

by Going Slowly

So far, the highlight of house-sitting in Maine has undoubtedly been our daily excursions into the surrounding countryside to buy food. There are literally a dozen (maybe more) small farms and homesteads selling fresh groceries within a few miles of Mike and Eliza's house! One of them is a self-service market offering everything from dried beans to green peas to live lobster on the honor system.

Tara Weighing Fresh Peas Farm Market on the Honor System Farm Market Strawberries

Another is a "you pick" place, where we can hunt for ruby red strawberries in long rows, plucking the delicious fruits from their bushes to deposit in green cardboard containers. They are a brilliant crimson all the way through, bearing almost no resemblance to the bland, rock-hard, white-centered things that pass for strawberries in most supermarkets.

Doles Orchard Farm Sign Doles Orchard Hours Lamour Strawberries Sign Tara Picking Strawberries Tyler Picking Strawberries Cabot Strawberries Weighing Strawberries

In addition to all the recently-picked fruits and vegetables, there is a dairy farm just minutes away that sells grass-fed meat, hunks of tasty cheeses, cartons of newly-lain eggs, homemade sausages, jugs of cream, hand-churned butter, ice cream, and yogurt sweetened with blueberries.

Sheep of Wright's Haven Farm

There are few things as rewarding to us as procuring food straight from the fields and then preparing a feast from it the very same evening. We find it satisfying to know that our money is directly supporting local farmers, and the resulting food is approximately a million times better, too—everyone wins. If only it were so easy to shop for groceries like this at home!

Rippling Waters Farm & Buy Farm Food Maine Field Sunflare Shelling Peas