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Photos from Savannakhet

by Going Slowly

Savannakhet is a sleepy city, with a historic center of crumbling old French Colonial buildings. There isn't much to it really; the place feels a bit vacant, but we're enjoying walking around, admiring the picturesque oldness of it all, meeting the local monks, and as always, the stray animals (who seem, for the most part, well cared for).

Savannakhet Scenes Lao Flower Savannakhet Wat Lao Kitty Savannakhet Laundry Drying Savannakhet Street View Savannakhet Doorway Savannakhet Cat vs. Dog Savannakhet Street View Savannakhet Building w/Stuffed Animal Blue Shutters & Yellow Shrine Savannakhet Potted Plants Savannakhet Monks Savannakhet Monks