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Cretan Lyra Love

by Tara

Here on Crete, lyra music is everywhere and I love it! I haven't been this enamored with a type of music since I was a in middle school and discovered the sounds of Ireland. We danced to Cretan music at a mountain party a few days ago, and today while we were wandering around Rethymno, we heard a pick-up jam in a tailor's shop. An old man was sewing away on his machine, while his buddies sat around playing lyras!

Shortly after passing the tailor's shop, we heard lyra music again, this time emanating from a tiny luthier's workshop. Inside we met Nikos, a very friendly, not-so-tiny Cretan who builds and plays lyras himself!

Nikos' Cretan Lyra Workshop

We chatted about Cretan music, our trip, and a number of other topics before he picked up one of his hand-made instruments and a bow with bells on it, and played us a song. Thanks Nikos!

Nikos, Cretan Lyra Maker/Musician Cretan Lyras