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Why We Are Here

by Tyler

Tara and I recently re-watched Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boormans', Long Way Down. It was both exciting and rewarding to see again. Having now traveled through many of the places they did, we were often exclaiming, "We rode right by that!" as we watched.

The first item in our journal entry How We Did It (posted the night before we left) is "1. Tyler sees a man alone in the middle of nowhere in Africa with many, many gallons of water strapped to his bicycle on Long Way Down. We were so engrossed we'd completely forgotten this fact until the scene popped up on our laptop screen.


The thirty second clip with Jason Lewis, who was a participant in an expedition to circumnavigate the earth using only human power, dubbed Expedition 360, became the jumping-off point for our singular obsession to sell everything we own and cycle around the world.

Jason Lewis

Without this inspiration, the idea for our adventure may never have materialized. To everyone involved in making Long Way Down and Expedition 360 a reality: thank you!