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Sfax Medina & Dar Jellouli Museum

by Tara

We had a lovely day today wandering around the Sfax medina. It was refreshingly utilitarian—not a tourist shop in sight. Craftspeople calmly turned wood or etched metal while people bustled by on the narrow streets. At a pastry shop, we were drawn in by the smell of waffles. In addition to our treat, a woman bought us two millefeuille pastries, saying we simply had to try them! They were sort of bland but her kindness was much appreciated! Here are some photos from our walk:

Sfax Ramparts Sfax Medina Medina Street Medina Wall Soccer Game We Love CSS Medina Textures Dar Jellouli Doors

Nestled in a tiny out-of-way corner of the Sfax medina's labyrinthian roads is the Dar Jelloulli museum of popular crafts and traditions. The museum is actually an 18th century manor house, each beautifully tiled room showcasing its own exhibit, from furniture and clothing and examples of Arabic calligraphy, to cookware and old photographs demonstrating how women would make couscous. Definitely up my alley!

To the Musee Couscous Making Making Couscous Traditional Dress Skyline Arabic Musee Dar Jellouli Medina Woman Walking

Here's our cat for the day. Tomorrow we're off to the Kerkennah islands!

Sfax Cat