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What Rain?

by Tara

Bring it on nature! When it was time to pack our things in the rain this morning neither of us even flinched. Not soon after we left, the drizzle turned into a fierce downpour that didn't fully let up for the rest of the day. We rode on anyway, laughing and genuinely having a great time in spite of the awful weather.

Tyler Setting Up

What could have been a miserable day turned out to be pretty relaxing. Nothing to see, nobody to talk to, no pictures to take, just easy riding and listening to music on our iPods. During a lull in the downpour we stopped for lunch near this road leading down to the shore:


When it was time to make camp (right next to the ocean for free yet again!) the break in the storm predictably ended just in time to soak everything. Our Tuscan nightmare definitely toughened us up because even this didn't phase us. Completely calm, we were set up in no time.

Oceanside Free Camp

While Tyler unloaded everything we'd need for the night (so we wouldn't have to leave the tent again) I was on bailing duty, alternately wiping up the water in our home and then wringing out the towel. With our tent marginally less drenched, I set up our bed and arranged everything nicely inside. Then I strung our wet clothes around the tent for optimal drying (hahahaha, yeah right) and bravely slipped ON my wet socks when I realized there weren't any dry pairs (they would dry quicker on my feet than off).


All set, we hopped into an almost entirely dry sleeping bag to watch Gladiator. When the movie was over the rain was still pouring but we were dry (for the first time all day) and plenty warm!

Ocean View From Tent