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Hotel Comforts

by Tyler

After our highway stealth camp, Tara's grandparents sent us another donation(!) insisting that we spend a night in a nice hotel! Following an awe-inspiring storm two days ago we decided to take them up on their kind offer. We've gotten used to sleeping for free these days so there was a little bit of cringing as we checked in for two nights at the Park Hotel (one of them all expenses paid!). Thankfully, it was worth every cent.

Park Hotel, Paola, Italy Park Hotel, Paola, Italy

We hardly left the room during our entire stay save for gorging ourselves with fresh croissants in the morning at their continental breakfast and stuffing our faces with delicious pasta in the hotel restaurant at night. With our shutters closed, we whiled away our two days of rest like a couple of hermits, blissfully unaware of anything going on outside. I (mostly) finished our database, and then we spent the rest of our time off skyping with friends, catching up on emails and watching movies on our laptop. It was terrific! Thank you so much, grandma and grandpa!

Park Hotel, Paola, Italy Park Hotel, Paola, Italy