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by Tara

We spent our rest day wandering around the beautiful, bustling city of Florence. Here are some photos and quick thoughts from the excursion:

Thanks for the tip about Gelateria Neri, Oanh! We found the small, out-of-the-way shop and very much enjoyed ourselves. Our gelato was DELICIOUS.

Gelateria Neri Gelato

This family was screaming at each other at the top of their lungs just feet from where we were sitting. We had seen them around town earlier asking for money, and now the daughter was shaking her begging cup at her father and yelling. Not quite sure what the fight was about!

Gypsy Fight Gypsy Fight Gypsy Fight

When we walked in to the Duomo, the ushers quickly pulled me to the side, said "no no no no no NO!" to my spaghetti-strapped dress, and then threw a blue paper poncho over my head before I knew what was going on. Apparently they felt compelled to cover my indecency:

Covering up the Indecency

I jazzed up the paper poncho a bit and I'm sure the Virgin Mary would have approved:

Stylin' Tara

Here are a few final snapshots from Florence:

Sad Merry-Go-Round Buskers Reader
Tomorrow we head south towards Siena!