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Kidney Stone Update

by Tyler

I am feeling 100% fine now, and honestly, it feels a little anticlimactic! I must've passed the stone while I was on painkillers at the hospital because haven't felt any more pain since then. Outside of some general tenderness, everything seems to be okay.

If it isn't gone, I guess round two of the worst pain ever is looming. Assuming that is the case, I hope that knowing what it is will make it easier to manage. Either way, I have the best, most caring woman in the world at my side to make sure I am okay.

I was thinking about tossing the prescription they gave me but Tara convinced me to fill it anyway. On the off chance I need the medication, it seemed prudent to be prepared. This needs to be said again: the French health care system is incredible! The prescription which included codeine, opiates and steroids cost only 17 euro, something that would surely run well into the hundreds in the USA.