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In the Lap of Icelandic Luxury

by Tara

We sprinted down to the plane, and were greeted by Icelandic flight attendant goddesses bearing gifts of water, wine and plenty of sympathy for our troubles. These perfectly-manicured women with superhuman buns (the hair kind!) brought us a menu with three options for our meal: chicken breast stuffed with asparagus and other spring vegetables, roasted duck breast on a bed of lettuce, or "catch of the day." I don't think anyone in first class appreciated all of this as much as we did.

They gave us our own toiletry kits (the zip-up bags are perfect for our trip!) with beautifully designed mini-toothpaste, moisturizer, lip balm, and even a comfy pair of socks. They kept offering us wine and though neither of us usually drinks alcohol, we both kept accepting. When the food arrived we were astounded, not to mention ravenous. We couldn't stop ogling the perfect little spoon, the beautiful coffee mug, the delicious hazelnut chocolate and everything else that Icelandic first class had to offer.

We slept like babies.

Breakfast was exquisite: croissants, savory crepes stuffed with melty swiss cheese and asparagus, fried potato cubes, fruit and more hazelnut chocolates.

The airport in Reykjavik was beautiful. Hardwood floors, clean, contemporary amenities, lots of huge windows looking out onto rugged Icelandic landscape. We definitely have to go back to Iceland.

Thanks again Olafur and family!