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Alcohol Stove Making: Part 2

by Tyler

I've really enjoyed tinkering with our penny alcohol stove over the past few weeks so I've decided to try some other designs. Up for today was the "Cat" a super low tech unpressurized stove. It has a leg up on the penny stove in that it will burn vodka/wild turkey (the only hard liquors we had sitting around) but I don't like it nearly as much as the penny stove.

Cat Stove

The simmer ring is pretty hack and the stove itself is quite a bit larger as well. I may try making one with smaller tins, it could be handy to have as a backup for burning alcohols that aren't friendly for pressurized stoves.

I really don't want to bring our WhisperLite any longer but the jury is out until we test our stoves with the backpacker oven that Tara wants.