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Rain Gear (Showers Pass)

by Tyler

The rain gear we want for the trip is terribly expensive so we've been hunting for deals the last few weeks.

Last night Tara discovered Team Estrogen (already the most affordable vendor for Showers Pass gear) was having a 20% off sale which would allow us to get her jacket, the "Elite 2.0" for $170 instead of the sizable $230 most vendors are selling it for.

They didn't have her size listed on the website so I called this morning to see if we could special order one for her using the discount. They looked into it but Showers Pass is sold out of her size for the season and won't be stocking them again until early next year. We were bummed but fortunately I thought to ask if they would order the mens one for me and they said yes!

Thank you Team Estrogen!

Once I found out that Showers Pass wouldn't have the jacket until next year I started poking around for more vendors hoping to find someone who had the jacket in stock. I called Bicycling Hub to see if they would price match Team Estrogen and while I was on the phone they also mentioned they had a 15% off sale going. Not only did they match the price but they gave us the discount as well!

Thank you Bicycling Hub!

We are so close to being done with buying gear. I can't wait to have our mobile lives all settled and ready to go. We'll be able to survive happily in pretty much any climate anywhere for next to nothing!