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Ooh Look! I made a fire!

by Tara

I've never made a fire before. With frigid fingers I gathered little grassy things and made a tinder. It's kind of like a nest. And then I gathered little pieces of birch bark, small twigs, bigger twigs, and actual sticks. Much faster than I was expecting, one spark, and VOILA—my tinder went up in flames. I set it down and started adding things, one after another, while blowing at the base of the tinder.

Fire Supplies

I didn't know you could make a fire so quickly. Last time I tried my hand at fire-making, my friend Jess and I were camping in Tennessee, and we had to get our neighbors to make our fire for us. We were unsuccessful. :-( But look! This time I did it, and it was easy. Yay flames!

Building Fire