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On Getting Vaccinations

by Tyler

We just paid nearly $400 each for someone to make our arms very very sore.

…well, mine are anyway, Tara seems to be fine!



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It's funny cuz on the exact same month, we paid the same amount, but for a ONE week trip, and it included a mouth vaccine (80$ each!) that was supposed to protect us against 'turista' (we were heading to Punta Cana, Rep. Domin.) and for sure, on the third day there, I was sick for the rest of the week...:-( and Andrée too, 24 hours later.
That was and will ever be our only 'all included' experience but not only because of the sickness...sometimes when you only have one week of vacation per year, you make wrong choices...that wasn't our kind of travel at all!
Posted by David on August 16th, 2013 at 1:53 PM