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Dinner at Le Deauville

by Tara

Hours after our island ride comes to an end, after several journals are written, we're beginning to feel the pangs of hunger. So, in a totally cliché romantic move, we go for a long walk on the beach which ends at Le Deauville restaurant.

We're seated at a candlelit table by the sea, and we dig our toes in the sand as we order from the menu. Tyler chooses the steak with pepper sauce and a beer, while I pick the freshly caught squid which is barbecued to order, and a glass of wine.

The food is good, the ambiance is better, and we're grateful for the donation from Tyler's friend, Matt Shannon, which has paid for our dinner.

Phú Quốc Squid Phú Quốc Squid Phú Quốc Shrimp Seafood on the Grill

Matt, thank you so much for your generosity! On this starry night in paradise, we are delighted with our delicious meal, courtesy of your kindness!