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Grindbygg Timber Framing: Day Seven Morning

by Tara

It's Sunday, the very last day of our extended Grindbygg raising. We have two bents to raise today, plus the two wall plates that will sit atop all the tie beams. Our small group (Kit, Bruce, Trent and Roger remain) is hopeful and dedicated, and we've finally gotten the hang of things enough to be relatively self-sufficient. Everyone picks a knee brace to seat on one of the two grinds, and gets down to work.

Trent Using Bubble Scribe Tyler Chiseling Knee Brace Seat Kit Hammering Grindbygg Peg Trent Chiseling Knee Brace Seat

Meanwhile, I set up shop at the shave horse, whipping out pegs as quickly and carefully as I can. With all the raising that has to happen by the end of the day, we're going to need about twenty more pegs. Considering they each take about thirty minutes to make (twenty once I'm in the groove), I've got my work cut out for me.

As we're laboring on our own projects, Peter is lost in thought, working on the two wall plates. Both of them have what we've dubbed, "compound wankiness," that is, they are curved in multiple planes. The last few days have involved a lot of head-scratching and CAD work on Peter's part to figure out how we can rest rafters on these things and have a flat roof. We try to do our work without distracting Peter with too many questions.

Peter Marking Rafter Seat Cuts Peter's Rafter Seat Jig Peter's Rafter Seat Jig

Around noon, once they've both completed the knee braces they were working on, Kit and Bruce pack up to head home to Maine and Colorado. Before Kit takes off, however, she asks if she can sign her work, and we wholeheartedly approve. A few skillful chisel marks later, and we're left with the hobo symbol for a safe camp with fresh water. I love it!

Hobo Symbol for Safe Camp w/ Clean Water