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Gardening on the Road?

by Tara

Right before I moved to Minnesota, I started growing potted plants and was pretty fiercely bitten by the gardening bug. (just a little advice for anyone thinking of moving in the near future: I suggest cultivating your green thumb after you are settled in. I, personally, did not have the patience to wait, and so, made the nine-hour journey with plants on my lap, by my feet, and pretty much everywhere. It was so worth it, though :-)) After I was settled in, I started my first real garden, and tended it all summer long. We were rewarded with tomatoes, peppers, salad greens, herbs, and beautiful flowers.

When we moved out of our house, I left my garden behind, and my potted plants were distributed among friends and family. I love cultivating things, and I already miss my plants a lot. And so, I've decided that it would be a hoot to try and grow something on our trip. On bicycles! I'm thinking garlic chives. Hardy and easy-to-grow, fresh and flavorful… they would be perfect! Also, salad mix would be fairly easy, and that way we'd always have some vegetables. :-)

Tyler is going to build me a contraption that will connect some sort of planter to the bike. We'll have to make the "garden" somewhere on the bike that won't be completely crushed if I take a spill, and of course, we'll have to do the planting and everything once we arrive overseas. We'll see how it goes, if anyone has any ideas about this project, please let us know!