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General Contractor

by Tara

Last summer, Tyler was the general contractor for our road building, foundation laying, and grindbygg timber framing efforts. It seemed like he was always on the phone, planning the next stage of our projects. This year, with his new job consuming the better part of each day, I've taken over. Now I'm the one calculating orders, handling deliveries, and making sure that we have all things we need on-hand to keep things moving.

Tyler on the Phone Tara Calculating Lumber for Window Frame Lumber Delivery via Boom Truck Tara Calculating Lumber Order for Door Frame

I'm not crazy about talking on the phone but I've been getting my fill of it lately! Most recently, I've scheduled our straw bale delivery (highly weather-dependent), ordered the lumber and materials we'll need to frame a pony wall around the foundation of our house, and tried to nail down an installation date for our SIP panel roof. (More on that soon.)

Though this type of coordinating doesn't come naturally to me, I'm feeling much more confident as the months go on. I know my way around our building supply store these days, I'm learning the right questions to ask, and I'm getting a heck of a lot better at understanding the answers. A year ago, I didn't know what roofing felt was, and now I have my favorite weights and brands!

All in all, being general contractor has been a great learning and growing experience so far!