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February 2016, in Photos

by Going Slowly
Messy Straw Bale Cottage Kitchen with Loft Ladder (Construction Zone!) Olivia & Hercilia Scaffolding Set Up for Re-Staining Beams and Re-Painting Drywall Eccotemp Tankless Water Heater with Burst Pipes Tyler Soldering Burst Pipe Kitchen Puddle from Burst Water Heater Pipe The Maple Hill Hooders (Charlie, Olivia, Becky, Hercilia, Jeremy & Tara) Dressed as Italian Chefs for Tyler's Italian-Themed Birthday Becky & Jeremy Chocolate Raspberry Birthday Cake (Charlie Photobomb) Tiny Straw Bale Cottage Movie Theater Projector Tiny Straw Bale Cottage Movie Theater: Tyler watching "Girls" on the Big Projector Screen Our Tiny Straw Bale Cottage, Facing East (Ladder Swung Out of the Way) Hercilia & Birthday Cake Hercilia & Her Lantern
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