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September 2014, in Photos

by Going Slowly
Off Grid Cottage Home Site & Wood Fired Hot Tub Chubby, Betty & Grandma Jeanne Strawbale House Pony Wall Doorway Nooks Tara Cutting Stained Veneer Plywood Tyler Leveling Trim Staining Wooden Window Seat Wooden Window Seat Installed Carl Anais Tyler Plastering the Interior of Straw Bale Cottage West Wall Interior of Straw Bale Cottage Plastered Tyler in Straw Bale Cottage Doorway Tara Plastering Interior of Straw Bale Cottage Haven & JL Jeanne Marsh Memorial Photo Anne Hugging Lisa Lian & Tara Tyler, Lian & Mark Lisa (Mom) Mark, Lisa, Don & Lian as Characters from The Wizard of Oz Our Homestead Loading Sand at Dailey's Yard Vermont Country Road Us at Grout Pond Roscoe Hercilia & Jeremy Brown Coat of Lime Plaster in Straw Bale Cottage Triumphant Tyler in his Undies & Boots Climbing Rock Ridge Towards House