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November 2012, in Photos

by Going Slowly
Jodi and Her Boys (L-R: Ezra, Tyler, Eli, Jodi) Eli & Grandpa Tony Morning Sun (Dew Drops on the Screen) Macro Dead Bee (Winter is Coming) Jess and Her Dehydrated Camp Meal Pete & Chainsaw Natasha Pete Looking at a Map of the Smokies Hiking in the Smokies Nick of the Trees Jess, Tara, and Natasha Us around the Camp Fire The Gang, Post-Hike 2012 (L-R: Natasha, Tara, Nick, Tyler, Jess, Pete) Seek out the significance of your problem at this time.  Try to understand. Developing Film Black and White Cow Dusting Snowball Cookies Tara Cutting the Tree Dad Holding the Tree Lisa Mark & Tyler Puzzling Richard & Mary Lian The Alans @ Christmas Us Opening a Present Grandma Jeanne Mark & His Christmas Puzzle Lisa @ Christmas