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Workshop Framing Continues

by Tyler

For the last few weeks Tara and I have been chipping away at the rough framing we need to complete before our strawbale workshop attendees arrive. We're still having a lot of fun with the process—not having the quality of your life depend on the outcome of a project is such a breath of fresh air! Here are some photos of our progress so far:

Tara Cutting Wood (as usual) Tyler Cutting Wood (as usual) Tyler Installing Door Framing Bale Stop Tyler Installing Door Framing Bale Stop Tara Listening to Audiobook, Building Box Beams Tara Box Beam Over Window Grindbygg Workshop (New Window Framing) Insulated Box Beam for 8ft Double Doors Tyler Installing Door Framing Tyler Building Insulated Box Beam Tyler Affixing 2x4s to Roof Decking