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Roundwood Spruce Rafters

by Tyler

With the workshop slab ready for our timber framing course, it's finally time to shift our focus to something other than building foundations. Today, I am picking up rafters logs from Capital Sawmill in Nassau, New York. I have to thank John, over at Bennington Marble and Granite for loaning me a trailer large enough to haul them home, and also my friend Rick for putting us in touch. Thanks guys!

Our workshop has twenty six roundwood rafters; they're roughly eighteen feet long by seven inches in diameter, with one side cut flat to accommodate roof decking. A few months ago, I ran the numbers and realized that buying them from a mill would be much cheaper than harvesting them from our land and having Rick drag them out of the woods with his excavator.

It took two trips and the better part of a day, but I managed to get all the logs home safely. The drive was an absolute joy—the scenery out here is just incredible. I am so glad we moved to New England! Also, with each major hurdle we complete, my stress about our upcoming class transmogrifies a little further from stress to excitement. This is going to be so great!

Spruce Rafters Capitol Saw Mill's Wood Mizer Spruce Rafters for Grindbygg Workshop on Trailer Cutting Spruce Rafters for Grindbygg Timber Frame Workshop Cutting Spruce Rafters for Grindbygg Timber Frame Workshop Tyler & Rick Unloading Rafter Logs Tyler & Rick Unloading Rafter Logs

Many thanks to Theresa and Steven over at Capital Sawmill—it was a pleasure working with you both!