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Our Cottage Foundation, Finishing the Slab: Part Six

by Tara

After about an hour of chatting, Pete encourages us to put our hurricane straps in before the concrete is too dry. I'm surprised—I assumed it would take ages to reach that stage! Together, Tyler and I climb up the ridge to the house site, and sure enough, the concrete really starting to firm up. We've already marked the edges of our timber frame posts with nylon rope—all we have to do now is slip the bent metal into the floor.

Hurricane Straps in Concrete Slab Tyler Placing Hurricane Straps in Concrete Slab

Not long after, the slab is dry enough to walk on. Ready for final finishing, Pete and Chris unload a "whirlybird" to power-trowel the surface, all the while praising us for how level our form is. Tyler and I are beaming with pride—Pete's been in the business for longer than we've been alive, so we trust his judgement. An A+ for our first effort!

Pete Power Trowling Cottage Concrete Slab

After three passes with the power trowel, the concrete work is complete. While I tidy the work site and round up our tools, Pete, Chris, and Tyler cover our slab with a large tarp to protect it from rain. It will be ready to face the elements in a few hours. And just like that, our work is very nearly done. We do need to lay "wing insulation" around the foundation, and backfill a bunch of soil, but for now, there's cause for celebration. WE HAVE A FOUNDATION!

Finished Cottage Foundation Slab

Miraculously, we've managed to complete this project in the only window of dry weather forecasted all week. As if on cue, ominous clouds roll in, and minutes later, we're experiencing torrential rain. Tyler and I head inside, watching the onslaught from the relative comfort of our camper, feeling elated and grateful that we've managed to finish this stage of the project.

Tyler Watching the Rain From Our Camper In Our Camper on a Rainy Day

Now we have to do the whole thing again—our workshop foundation is next!