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Making for Cambodia

by Tara

We're heading east, making our way towards Cambodia this afternoon. Before we take to the highway, we stop at the local market so I can satisfy my budding smoothie obsession. Today, it is a neon-green, melon-flavored concoction, with orange and yellow jelly squares piled up at the bottom. YUM! Tyler is grossed out by the gelatinous chunks, opting instead to grab some fried bananas from a friendly market seller.

Fried Banana Cooker Gives Peace Sign

It's hot out this afternoon. As the dark pavement beneath our wheels soaks up the heat from an unrelenting sun, we're cooking from below as well as from above. The scenery of the countryside leaves a lot to be desired, too; the landscape is monotonous, save for a few photogenic huts spotted along the roadside.

Thai Huts Thai Huts Thai Laundry

More interesting than the countryside are the towns we pass through. We cycle under typically Thai archways sporting photos of the country's royalty, meet local canines and felines, and weave in and out of a throng of beeping tuk-tuks. The highlights of our ride are, once again, slurping iced coffee and enjoying the unfailingly tasty food on offer.

Ka Pow Gai Thai Cat Drinking Lotus Flower Thai Doggie Thai Archway Tuk Tuk

After another uneventful ride, we arrive in the colorful, bustling border town of Aranyaprathet. Within moments, we've found yet another cheap, awesome hotel, and this one has a pool!

Market Motel, Aranyaprathet

We get settled, and then that same aimless, lazy feeling creeps up once more. We could go to Cambodia tomorrow, but we do have one more day to spare on our Thai visas… there's no need to hurry, is there?

We leave the decision-making for later, and instead, head out to enjoy the town while we're in it.

On the menu for the evening? Pad Thai.

Deep Fried Oyster Pad Thai Making Pad Thai Making Pad Thai Making Pad Thai Making Pad Thai

Once we've eaten dinner, we walk back to our hotel and take a dip in the pool, which is deserted, save for the two of us. Bobbing around in the otherworldly green waters, lit by atmospheric lamps, surrounded by palm trees, it's decision-making time. After a bit of discussion, we agree on what has become almost inevitable here in Thailand.

We'll be staying another day.

Market Motel Swimming Pool