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Sleeping Mat Success

by Tyler

We picked up our replacement Therm-a-Rest ToughSkin sleeping mat today. As per usual, no shipments actually get delivered here in Europe. We had to fax a written letter (in Serbian), copies of our passports, our police registration and a bunch of other documentation to get it out of customs. Were it not for the helpful women at Hostel Belgrade, I have no idea how we would have done this.

After a full day of processing, our package made it out of customs. Then DHL informed us it would be another day or two before they would get around to delivering to us. Since their office was all of 5km away, we boarded a tram and went to pick it up ourselves.

Following the requisite hour of searching, we located the DHL, picked up our gear and went back to the hostel to pack up. We can't wait to get back on the road and head towards Romania! Here's hoping we don't have any more gear failures.