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August 2016, in Photos

by Going Slowly
Untrimmed Skylight Trimmed Skylight Breakfast in our Cottage with Neighbors Charlie Us, Hugging with Paramotor Quad (by Lizza) Tara Landing Paramotor Quad (by Lizza) Tara Adjusting Brake Toggle (by Lizza) Tara & Lizza Hauling Wood Tyler Teaching Lizza How to Ride a Motorcycle Tyler Teaching Lizza How to Ride a Motorcycle Tara & Lizza Lizza at Lye Brook Falls Mushroom that Turns Blue Lye Brook Wilderness Sign Camper Being Hauled Away! Tyler Affixing First Course of Slate to Strawbale Cottage Roof Cistern Shed with Repainted Trim New Rug & Shelf in Strawbale Cottage Tara in Blackhawk Lowboy 2 Quad Paramotor Paul, Eli & Amanda on Deno's Wonder Wheel View of Coney Island from Deno's Wonder Wheel Tyler, Paul & Eli Joan & Her Birthday Cake Olivia & Hercilia Jeremy Chopping Lamb with Cleaver Hercilia & Olivia Trimmed Skylights Sunrise in Our Woods