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October 2015, in Photos

by Going Slowly
Fruit Tree Planted Tara Adding Planting Mix to Tree Nehemiah & Shlomy on Cistern Shed Roof Tyler Spray Foaming Cistern Shed Rafter Bays View from Cottage Kitchen Window: Colorful Fall Leaves on our Land! Installing Low Wattage Electric Frost Protection Heat-Line In Pex Pipe Through Philmac Fitting Tyler Filling Stud Cavities with Blown Cellulose Tara Nailing Cistern Shed Base Stuff: All of Our Belongings from Storage Game of Logging: Swedish Tree Felling Demo Fall Snow Flurry On Solar Shed Insulated Cistern Shed w/ Doors Installed Shlomy Measuring Outhouse Framing Sumac Leaves Turning Red Shlomy & Britney Goofing Around w/ Peavys Dave Running Wood Mizer Ed & Dave Milling Beams Tyler & Shlomy Cutting Slate Shlomy Nailing Slate on Outhouse Roof Shlomy and Outhouse Door in Progress` Apple Pie in Windowsill