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June 2016, in Photos

by Going Slowly
Tyler Wearing BlackHawk 125 Paramotor Tyler Forward Launching Powered Paraglider Tyler's First Powered Paragliding Launch Tara Driving BlackHawk LowBoy II Paramotor Quad Tara with Tally Marks on her Hand Marking her Flights Lian Driving Miata Casserole House Korean Restaurant Lian & Tara Painting Wall Lian at Smitten Ice Cream Succulents at Lian's Apartment Aburaya Japanese Fried Chicken Tyler Sleeping (with Viktor Frankl's "Man's Search for Meaning") Nadine & Tyler Enjoying the Spray of McCloud Middle Falls Felix & Paula Tara Freezing in McCloud River Middle Falls Tent View of Mount Shasta Lego Walkie-Talkie Nadine & Paula Paula Felix & Paula Tyler Doing Lake Yoga Hanni Dismantling the Cottage for Earthen Floor Application Liz & Chad Mixing Earthen Floor Mix with Feet Liz Applying First Layer of Earthen Floor Cistern Shed with Final Coat of Plaster Tyler on Motorcycle Vermont Natural Homes Plastering Strawbale Cottage Chad Smoothing Finish Plaster in Grindbygg Workshop Tyler Assembling Wheels for Paramotor Quad Tyler Affixing Propeller to His Blackhawk Paramotor Tara Choosing Washers for Paramotor Quad Tyler Applying Spackle to Finish Uneven Drywall Edge Tyler Brad Nailing Quarter Round Trim to Peak of Ceiling